5 things you need to know before dating a journalist a dating website gets kinky

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SAPD Chief William Mc Manus said investigators had been following Harris throughout the day of June 8 and arrested him shortly after he exited North Star Mall that afternoon.

Mc Manus said he does not believe there are other suspects and believes the department has the right suspect in custody.

There's everything from the hippie enviro-law attorneys sporting ponytails and beards to the hotshot corporate types who have a closet full of identical tailored suits and power ties.

Some can make you feel like you're being cross-examined, as though you're being interrogated and your partner is searching for some telling inconsistency in your story.

Still, based on my own experience dating lawyers, I may be able to infer some loose generalities.

A lawyer partner is more likely to be persistent in their questioning if they're suspicious or jealous or angry. They can stubbornly and obtusely argue a point into the ground long after you've stopped even caring about the discussion any more.

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SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police on Thursday arrested Anton Harris, 18, after positive DNA tests linked him to five sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault all within in the Medical Center area, they said.

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