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When I selected "Looking for a casual relationship" it was only because I was limited to one choice.

I'm open to the possibility of all of the selectable options (from pen pals to a serious relationship), depending on the level of connection.

Whether you are new to the dating scene or returning to it, think about the kind of relationship that you are seeking and go after that person who who is looking for that same.

I wrote about this 5-step process in almost 20 years agao and it still works. In the first stage of dating, we find ourselves attracted to a potential partner. It is our hope that the feeling is mutual, that the timing is right, and that we will have an opportunity to explore the possibilities.

As your sitting at your computer, reading this, and wondering if you should repy, i should let you know that I appreciate good looks, but I am more interested in a woman with a strong spirit and a great outlook on life.*** What are you looking for in a partner?

Women who are smart, honest, and know how to have a good time.

I want to lead with a statement that uses a non-question weasle phrase and a trance word or two, that doesn't seem wierd. Rather than bore you with the typical paragraph of postitive qualities that most guys on here list, I'll let you get to know me as we conversate. I want to make sure that I'm attracted to your personality and not just your physical appearance.

I'm always open to new friends, but I'm selective about who I get into committed relationships with. When you contact me, allow yourself to relax and be your true fun-loving self. Due to the huge amount of messages in my inbox, I do require a picture and a description on your page unless you are seeking a pen pal or email me a description and/or picture.

Have you ever seen someone and instantly, you feel like you need to get to know this guy better?

They are known for "telling it like it is" and getting to the heart of why people are stuck so that they can make a transformation.

Michael Arn show Modern Women how to ATTRACT their IDEAL Man and create a relationship that lasts with their proven system.

How will it feel when you meet a man that you can relax with, feel comfort with and attraction for..be your true fun loving self?

if you can imagine yourself getting to know a well educated, succesfull, liberian/madagascarian man, and sharing what life has to offer, make sure you include a photo with your response.

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