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I feel my mouth start to hang open, and the first drop of drool forming. Not only does he likely know the answer, but he could probably name the top 10 exports and he’s never even been to Canada.

Coffee will be served the old Norwegian way; in a traditional wooden cup.

Along with the language requirements, and as part of the integration process, we are obliged to take 50 hours of “samfunnskunnskap” (social/cultural studies). I remember actually saying to someone once “you know when I speak English, I’m really quite interesting”. For some context, education in Norway, including college and university costs 350NOK (about ) per semester. This might partly be the reason for a highly educated population. What might be seen as an “entrepreneurial spirit” in Canada, may here be seen as a bit strange and perhaps even flighty or lacking in direction. Of course in North America, I can wax on about how I “feel” and what my “needs” are, and about spending years “finding myself” and discovering my “true path”. The Norwegian interest in education and knowledge is highlighted in one simple example: their love for The Quiz.

This must be completed before I can apply for permanent residency in 3 years. And when you need that kind of disclaimer, you know you’re not doing well. Even as a foreign resident, I can attend Oslo University for free. “The philosophy is that higher education should be available to all those who qualify, and not be dependent on access to funding in the form of your parents’ income” – Dr. It says something about who you are, in a way that I don’t think it necessarily does in North America. If I say things like that here, I can actually feel a collective eye-roll of the entire Nordic population. Almost every bar and pub in Oslo (and other small towns) has a quiz night.

Speak to your Student Flights travel expert for advice on private transfers.

Flights from Australia to Norway usually depart from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne as well as other services from most capital cities.

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