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We recommend that you publish into the Google Play alpha and beta channels first, so you can test your apps with consumers before distributing broadly on the store.As you test and develop on Android 8.1, we strongly recommend keeping your development environment up-to-date as preview updates are released.To make the process easier, you can enroll your test devices in the Android Beta Program and get updates over-the-air (OTA) at each milestone.Alternatively, updated preview images are available that you download and flash manually.To get a detailed view of new, modified, and removed APIs in each preview release, start with the API diff report, which then links you to the related API reference documentation.As you test and develop on the Android 8.1 Developer Preview, please use these channels to report issues and give feedback.Preview 1 includes the final APIs and SDK, so you can use begin using it immediately for compatibility testing as well as developing with new features and APIs in your apps.

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We’re delivering Developer Preview 1 as a Beta quality release.We’ll notify you when preview updates are available via the Android Developers Blog, as well as this site and the Android Developer Community.The Android 8.1 Developer Preview includes everything you need to test your existing apps for compatibility and add new platform features.See Android 7.1 for Developers overview for details on new features and capabilities.To access the preview, you must first update to the latest version of Android Studio.

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