Cancer male dating airies female

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She also tends to be a bit egocentric, so the way to her heart is to talk about her.Ask about her job, her interests, her passions, and she’ll adore you for it.Tickets to see her favorite band or favorite team are a good start, followed by a midnight run through a public fountain.End it with a passionate good night kiss on her front steps and it might turn into an even better evening. As a fire sign the Aries female is passionate and thrilling and loves to take charge between the sheets.To keep her interested in sexual foreplay, you will have to get creative here, too.

If you want to lavish her with affection, and she will definitely expect you to, try something more unique and personal.

An Aries man is just the kind of man who provides all security and protection to the lady love of his life.

He is highly independent and hates to be dictated over any subject whether personal or professional.

Be ready for anything because she will deliver the unexpected.

Just because she liked a move or technique one night does not mean she wants that all the time.

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