Causes of teenage dating violence

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What is clear from this limited research is that teen dating violence is not only a problem affecting LGBTQ youth, but one that seems to affect them at higher rates than non-LGBTQ youth. states and the District of Columbia require school sex education curricula to include LGBTQ-specific content.

While we certainly need more research into the reasons for these disparities, it is worth noting that existing curricula on teen dating violence and related topics like sex education or domestic or sexual violence prevention education are rarely inclusive of LGBTQ youth. This lack of inclusiveness allows for the persistence of myths that, for example, men cannot be victims of intimate partner violence, or that women cannot be violent to their partners.

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Studies of teen dating violence have found, for example, that youth who experience parental violence are more likely to report violence within their own teen dating relationships.But for those still in abusive relationships, CBS News medical correspondent Dr.Jennifer Ashton offered some tips on The Early Show Wednesday on ways to get help.She recommended talking to someone close to you, such as a friend, a guidance counselor, a parent, or a relative."If you don't tell anyone, you can't get help," Ashton said.The hope, Ashton explained, is that the person will do an intervention or tell someone else what is going on.

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