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Let's just say it starts with an "R" and she and Olivia and the president probably will not be friends. But don't underestimate him, because he can emotionally turn on a dime. She's a professional ballerina and returns home for Christmas and attempts to keep the peace between her family. And I devoured them all in one sitting nearly two months ago. And I am a downright MESS over the whole situation. "This is the first season really when everyone's single," Hannah Simone says of the gang in season four. Jeremy is a sweet, super-likeable, middle-class, "busy" patient, while Ellen is described as the "sweet loving wife of Jeremy who gets emotional," and Erin, their 16-year-old daughter who loves her parents, is forced "to grow up quickly" because of whatever happens on the show. ) when she gets two interns at the hospital in episode eight.How do you date someone who’s an online fantasy object? “They may not be our fantasy, but we’re theirs,” says Kat (Alice Hunter).The fact that they can’t see the men makes their situation much more livable, and enhances the protective nature of the site. And when he does, the planted details—such as Janet’s (Chasty Ballesteros) reliance on headphones, the one room without a camera, the discreet method of transport to the house—pay off.The kills aren’t necessarily inventive, but they register.When Devon (Alyson Bath) starts losing visitors to Kylie in real-time, she repositions her butt-to-camera ratio while working out on a stationary bike, trying to keep whoever is watching happy.When Kylie hears her roommate Heather (Elysia Rotaru) having sex, she gets up from her bed and fetches her laptop to take a quick peek.

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New girl, Kylie (Ali Cobrin), has just strip-teased for the first time, one arm across her chest.

There are shades of Adam Wingard, Ti West, and Joe Swanberg at work in Trevor Matthews' Girl House.

It has slivers of terror, sex, and contemporary discussions of relationships to pornography and technology.

But all the sexy stuff appears in pixels, on screens, so there’s an appropriate distance—it never feels exploitative.

And the characters talk more about the general acceptance of pornography, more than having to explain why they’re involved (no one’s father, or molesting uncle are crutches; but there is heroin in the house).

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