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This is underlined further in the oft-joked about television commercial; the story is about the Chanel No. 5 woman and the romantic, adventurous feelings she inspires in the object of her affection, rather than about Brad Pitt himself. Thirty years later, No.5's glass bottle was celebrated by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where artist Andy Warhol depicted the iconic shape in a series of silk screen prints.Chanel No.5, the first fragrance by the way to ever advertise at the Super Bowl, has also pioneered powerful perfume campaigning.So to celebrate, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with Chanel’s most enduring beauty creation, Chanel No. With her “Faultless instinct for drama,” Coco Chanel was not just the creator; she was the living epitome of the brand. ” Suddenly, the fragrance was associated with the most glamorous movie star in the world—and sales skyrocketed., she answered the classic “What do you wear to bed? The funny thing is that Marilyn didn’t become an Chanel spokesperson until 2013 with this ad for No.New EU regulations, enforced to protect consumers from allergies, could force Chanel No.5, as well as Dior's Miss Dior, to rethink their juice. As Chanel scrambles to save its iconic scent, we take a look at the story of No.5, which starts in 1921 with Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.Coco wanted "a woman's perfume, with a woman's scent," choosing celebrity perfumer Ernest Beaux to create her signature fragrance.

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1957: “Every Woman Alive…” Post-Marilyn, many other actresses were more than happy to be the “face” of the fragrance, ushering in the era of celebrity advertising.

5 bottle, and in the late nineties, Chanel bought the rights to use them in their advertising campaigns.

The result: a world famous, indelible advertising campaign that gave the heritage perfume a much-needed dose of pop art cool. The needle swung back to simple, minimalist ads as Brad Pitt became the first man to front a No. Stark in black and white, with the bottle in color, the perfume—and therefore the woman who wears it—is positioned as the star here, with Brad as the gorgeous accessory. Reclining in a lit-up number 5 wearing a simple black dress and lots of diamonds, Gisele is naturally beautiful, confident and glamorous—the perfect No.

Though a controversial historical figure, Coco revolutionized our fashion and beauty-loving lives, with her loose silhouettes, seductive fragrances and chic French sensibilities. 5 been one of the top-selling perfumes in the world for the last 94 years, it’s also inspired some of the most incredible imagery the beauty world has ever seen. In 1921, the cartoonist Sem drew this now-iconic tribute to No. , features Madame Gabrielle Chanel as the face of the fragrance.

Even 132 years after her birth, we’re still totally in awe of her. 5 was launched on May fifth, 1921, and Coco herself said that it would always bring her good luck. So in honor of Coco’s birthday, here are the 11 most iconic vintage Chanel No. 5: depicting Mademoiselle Coco herself gazing rapturously up at the classic bottle, dressed in the easy, figure-flattering style which Chanel popularized. In contrast to the sleek lines of the 1921 sketch, she’s depicted much more sumptuously here—portraying herself with a grand sumptuousness that would have been like sweet nectar to a world still feeling the effects of a Great War and Depression.

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