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To her, physical union is more than a mercury mental challenge or an emotional exercise.

This woman and man are both extravagant with words and with money and share exquisite taste, be it dressing up, travel, literature or the arts.

He saves both his money and his emotions for a good cause.

Although these two sun signs are capable of clashing violently over their differences, if they hang in there until the clouds start showing their silver linings, it could be super.

Both of them have been blessed with the ability to be friends, as well as lovers.

A Leo woman can be proud, vain, self-centered, arrogant, never the one to surrender lightly.

With an Aries man who`s careful never to destroy her dignity and who makes it clear how much he admires her, she will be unexpectedly docile. This is particularly true if Aries will allow her to hold the centre stage.

Leo Woman – Aries Man These two fire signs are guaranteed harmony and happiness by astrology.

This is usually a great combination, with both sides being emotional in their make-up.

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