Dating matt damon disaster movie lyrics

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I had become accustomed to these two talentless hacks tainting the beginning of a new year with their deeply unfunny "spoof" movies.In February 2006, they released Date Movie, in January 2007, they released Epic Movie, and in January 2008, they released Meet the Spartans; all abysmal comedies that prove how absolutely clueless Friedberg and Seltzer are as writers.This woman is known for one thing and that thing is her thang, namely her colossally round posterior.She has officially taken the booty torch from Jennifer Lopez.

Seriously, a "funny" reference to a bad Mike Myers movie months after it has opened and closed is, in itself, kind of humorous in how ridiculous and embarrassing this all is. Yet again Friedberg and Seltzer have assembled a movie that has a built-in expiration date.

More The filmmaking team behind Date Movie and Meet the Spartans is back with a comedy spoof sending up disaster movies in this Lionsgate production.

Matt Lanter, Vanessa Minnillo, G-Thang, and Kim Kardashian head up the cast as a group of concerned citizens willing to do whatever it takes to save planet Earth from being incinerated by falling meteors or overrun by rabid chipmunks.

To do so would acknowledge there was at any point a script.

By pacing their horrible abortions of comedy a year apart, Friedberg and Seltzer at least have time to gauge what movies have become popular and what pop culture events have stuck in the public consciousness.

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