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The following Me SH items or free words were taken: osteoarthritis, knee, meta-analysis, systematic review, and hyaluronic acid.The references of searched studies were also reviewed to explore other meta-analyses or systematic reviews.In epidemiology, half of the world’s population aged 65 years or older has OA, which is the most prevalent disorder of articulating joints in humans. The symptoms of knee OA is characterized by pain and disability in joints.In pathologically, the following features are in knee joints: damage of articular cartilage at weight-bearing areas, change in subchondral bone, inflammation in synovitis, osteophyte formation, cyst formation and thickening of joint capsule and loss of joint space.HA may alleviate symptoms of knee OA via multiple pathways including inhibition of chondrodegradative enzymes and inflammatory processes, stimulation of chondrocyte metabolism, and synthesis of articular cartilage matrix components investigated ten guidelines regarding the use of HA for the treatment of knee OA and reported that the recommendations were highly inconsistent as a result of the variability in guideline methodology.Thus, the inconsistent recommendations make it difficult for clinical professionals to determine its appropriateness when treating knee OA.

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The following two questions were also evaluated: whether sensitivity analysis was performed in meta-analysis and whether the included meta-analyses evaluated potential sources of heterogeneity across primary studies.

The meta-analyses and/or systematic reviews that compared HA and placebo for knee OA were identified.

AMSTAR instrument was used to evaluate the methodological quality of individual study.

The two reviewers were not blinded to the journals, organizations, financial assistance, conflict of interest and researchers’ information.

Subsequently, the full text of the studies that potentially met the inclusion criteria was read to determine the final inclusion.

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