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😊Guy: Ok gorgeous take care mwah A winning online dating encounter with yet another guy who insists on remaining anonymous.

That’s the confidence and “I’m not married, I swear!

You wouldn't want to leave a hot caller hanging, and only when you are getting to the good stuff!

To claim your trial offer chat line numbers, all you need to do is CALL.

Below are some hints for recording a greeting: Yes, a Paid Membership may be used from any phone.

Your Membership will continue as long as you remain active.

After completing your Badoo registration, you are now ready to sign in to the chat and social network and begin meeting new dates and friends.

You can get answers quickly in our Frequently Asked Questions below, which cover everything you need to know to start chatting with singles instantly.

Guy on OKC: Marry me Me: I don’t see a ring…Guy: Not yet right lol Me: …

or a real profile picture…(He’s not Jon Snow)Guy: That’s me lol Me: 👍Guy: Lol Me: Would you like to share one or end this conversation?

Your Badoo profile (mine is illustrated above) is accessible through the avatar icon located in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Your profile is your best opportunity to make a good first impression.

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