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Located on the west side of the Atlantis, Paradise Island property, the 14-acre environment includes an 11-acre lagoon complete with coves and sandy beaches, 7 connected "residential" pools, a state-of-the-art education center, an animal rescue-rehabilitation hospital, an animal pharmacy, a quarantine, and a separate sea lion center.Learn More Aquaventure, is a one-of-a-kind 141-acre water park.Dating of the beehives was done by measuring the decaying of the 14C isotope in organic materials, using grains of wheat found next to the beehives. This name was also found inscribed on another storage jar from a slightly later occupation level at Tel Rehov, dated to the time of the Omride Dynasty in the 9th century BCE.This grain was dated at the laboratory of Groningen University in Holland to the period between the mid-10th century B. Moreover, this same name was found on a contemporary jar from nearby Tel Amal, situated in the Gan Ha Shelosha National Park (Sachne).

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The second case is the story of Jonathan, King Saul's son, who dipped his hand into a honeycomb during the battle of Mikhmash (Samuel I ).

Excavations by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at near the southern wall of the Temple Mount have unearthed an impression of the royal seal of King Hezekiah (727-698 BCE). Denmark attracted international attention in 2012 when archaeological excavations revealed the bones of an entire army, whose warriors had been thrown into the bogs near the Alken Enge wetlands in ...

Scientists have new dating evidence indicating when the earliest fully modern humans arrived in the Near East, the region known as the Middle East.

Study of the beehives found at Tel Rehov is being conducted with the participation of various researchers. Guy Bloch of the Silberman Institute of Life Sciences of the Hebrew University is studying the biological aspects of the finds; he already discovered parts of bees' bodies in the remains of honeycomb extracted from inside the hives. Dvori Namdar of the Weizmann Institute of Science succeeded in identifying beeswax molecules from the walls of the beehives, and Prof. The city of Rehov is indeed mentioned in an Egyptian inscription dating to the time of the Pharaoh Shoshenq I (Biblical Shishak), whom the Bible notes as the contemporary of King Solomon and who invaded Israel following that monarch's death.

Mina Evron from Haifa University is analyzing the pollen remains in the hives. A particularly fascinating find at the site is an inscription on a ceramic storage jar found near the beehives that reads "To nmsh".

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