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Law enforcement departments release footage at their discretion, and usually deny requests saying the video is part of personnel files or investigations. 1 will require anyone, including a police chief or sheriff, to obtain a court order before law-enforcement dashboard camera and body camera footage is publicly released.

We need to see how this law works and if changes need to be made, I will advocate for them.” Republican attorney general candidate and state Sen. Scott’s family saw the Charlotte police video Thursday.

“The officer has rights, the victim has rights, the public has rights,” he said.

“How do we balance those to ensure everyone’s rights are protected and we have transparency? Paul Lowe of Winston-Salem called for revisiting the law to “reexamine how that data may be viewed and/or made public.” In North Carolina, footage from police body cameras and dashboard cameras is rarely made public.

1, moving decisions on release out of the hands of police and into the courts. But at least two Democrats who voted for the law said this week it should be revisited. Joel Ford said, but is better than what the state has now, because it gives people recorded or their families a way to see police footage.

Senate Democrats are far outnumbered by Republicans, and don’t control the agenda, he added.

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