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I am wondering if I'll be able to control myself for long.

Oh God, how can images of my own mom do this to me. An hour later, I saw mom in my dreams wearing the same bikini. I had never felt my penis explode like the way it did.

But I was stuck by the truthful account of his dilemma. Oh Andy, you should have relieved yourself by masturbating, the way most teenaged boys do. ----- ----- May 22 ----- Oh God, late in the evening, I saw mom again clad in a bikini.

The day after he had left, I was cleaning his room when I came across a diary, hidden deep in the cupboard. What he had noted down with great detail took me by complete surprise. May 16 ----- For the first time in my life, I looked at my mom not as my mom but as an attractive woman.

I hit the gym soon after I had finished the e-mail. I know my boy will be noticing, lusting...masturbating. And I also know that my son likes curvy voluptuous women, not the thin skinny ones.

I need to gather some weight just at the right places.

----- May 25 ------ It's becoming a habit for me-I keep checking mom's cleavage and armpits—now even her buttocks. At night, before I slept, I was thinking about mom again. I had seen her wearing that sexy nightie that shows off her cleavage, shoulder curves and armpits.

What have I done, I have spilled my own sperm aroused by sight of my own mom in bikini.

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