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Putting pause on his/her own efforts to find someone special, the church’s pastor will help move things along by tasking the congregation to play Cupid.Once they’ve assembled plenty of worthy options for his/her consideration, it’s up to the bachelor/bachelorette to decide which suitor is best.

From your first kiss, to meeting the parents, we find out when you make the move.Naturally, the church will weigh in with their opinions, and the congregant who brought in the chosen suitor will win something, too—a ,000 donation made in that person’s name to his/her local church.For a self-described “church girl” like Grant, hosting was right in her wheelhouse.The problem is that nothing in a school leader’s training prepares them to understand, lead and manage collaboration, and just like any complex organisational change process (but probably more so), it’s really, really hard.Happily, inter-agency collaboration - both in the private and public sector - has been the subject of a great deal of academic and practitioner research, which was summarised in a recent presentation to school leaders by Ben Gibbs of the Relational Schools Foundation.

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