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She moaned against his mouth and pressed her hard nipples against his chest. Finally gasping for breath, she broke away and began kissing his chest.Slowly she kissed down his hard flat stomach, then he felt the first contact, as her cheek bumped against the hard cock now reaching almost to his belly button.The sensation was better than he had ever fantasized about.Her pussy hair tickled his hip and he wanted to turn so his massive hard on could contact that furry slit.Finally, Bobby saw the figure next to the other bed silhouetted against a stray beam of moonlight coming through a slight part in the drapes.He realized suddenly that it was his mother, who had obtained the other key at the desk.Suddenly she moved up his body, her large breasts making hot trails up his belly and chest.

Bobby lay rigid as his mother moved her knee up and down his rigid cock.

He was puzzled by the fact that the door had been opened with a key.

His father had liked Bobby's room, which was closer to the bar and they had traded rooms, and he had given Bobby the only key.

A quick glance at the bulge in the front of his jeans also showed her how aroused he was.

Now here she was in his room, undressing in front of him.

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