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You hand over cash, even though you know it’s useless, often wondering if your child’s problem is something you caused.

You post bail, buy cars, pay rent, doctors’ and attorneys’ fees, and pay for treatment that they rarely see through and that usually doesn’t work even when they do.

Start rewarding yourself and your family for achievements and accomplishments, not for destructive choices and habits and behaviors.

You may not be able to keep a son or daughter from destroying themselves, but you and the rest of your family don’t have to go with them.

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First, it’s necessary to keep in mind what you already know: your child will bleed you dry and out onto the street before they will stop exploiting you. Cut them off and they may in fact decide to die rather than clean up. have success rates of less than 10% over two years.How they change isn’t predictable, but they will change. Initially they will probably escalate their aggressive behaviors to get you to return to the old status quo, no matter how awful that really was for everyone. It’s hard to stand up to the drunk or the druggie when they have no restraints on what they will say or do.That will include using their children to get to you. Endless promises, threats, and blame will follow any interruption in the cash flow.Funds intended to benefit the grandchildren disappear without benefiting anyone. Though it takes toughness that’s hard to muster and support which is even harder to find, there are alternatives.The cycle continues until someone dies or there isn’t anything left to extort. It means finding the courage to face the reality without being swept away by understandable emotions. The most destructive belief most of us have held at one time or another is that alcohol and drug abuse is an incurable disease over which the addict or alcoholic has no control.

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