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While both ladies look the part of Donna Reed, they’ve struggled to find happiness in their roles as devoted wives and mothers from Betty’s curious hand tremors and sudden weight gain to Libby’s affair with a black civil rights demonstrator.What’s more these women exist alongside working moms like Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan). They’re saddled with precocious children, clueless husbands and an ever-present weekly drama, all the while expected to be picturesque representations of motherhood.But that ideal has changed since the days of Donna Reed and June Cleaver, as real world women frequently balance careers with their maternal responsibilities and many American families find it difficult to manage without both parents bringing in a salary.By the end of the season, it seemed that Michelle may have actually talked herself into a new job and Judy Greer’s Lina came close to going back to her former job due to her family’s financial needs.Period shows have offered up hybrid versions of these two brands of housewife, such as Betty Draper (January Jones) on "Mad Men" or Libby Masters (Caitlin Fitzgerald) on "Masters of Sex".The discontent housewives have been popping up in new, slightly edgy series like "Togetherness" and "Married".

Given the volatility of their circumstances, it’s hard to imagine these ladies remaining at home much longer.

While neither character’s working life occupies as much screen time as their TV husband’s does, both women are incredibly successful and their professions help add to their already entertaining and complex characters.

Not only do the Johnsons and Huangs bear a stronger resemblance to the majority of working class families in the country, the mothers’ occupations offer a greater variety of stories for the female cast members, such as the multi-episode arc on "Fresh Off the Boat" that took Jessica from an amateur real estate savant to a fully licensed employee at an agency.

The resurgence of working mothers hasn’t left stay-at-homers completely underrepresented, though they’re beginning to fall into two distinct categories: the throwbacks and the discontent.

The throwbacks are those reminiscent of pre-1980s TV moms, before the likes of Clair Huxtable and Elyse Keaton changed the game.

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