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But dear lord Julian Casablancas, what’s you’re excuse for your new ultimately bad captured in the above photo. Treat yourself with these pics of a shirtless Nick Valensi playing guitar.

To add insult to injury Julian is hanging out with what appears to be The Human Barnacle, aka- Josh Hartnett.

Julian Casablancas crashed the stage during Arcade Fire's set at Lollapalooza in Argentina last night (Tuesday, April 1).

I'd be even happier if they'd release a new poster with their next album, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

The Strokes consists of Julian Casablancas as the lead singer, Nick Valensi on Guitar and Keyboard, Albert Hammond Jr on Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard, and Nikolai Fraiture on bass, and Fabrizio Moretti on Drums.

Valensi's main amplifier is a 2x12" Fender Hot Rod De Ville, used with Fender 4x12" extension cabinets during live shows.

He also recently purchased a Carr amplifier to use on the last few stops of the First Impressions tour.

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