Ryan eggold dating just started dating gifts

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What are the lessons that you learned that you'd like to apply and translate into your own performances?

You know, one thing I like that James does, that a lot of good actors do, is they don't feel compelled to speak all the time.

After a series of embarrassing, hilarious, and humbling situations, Adam discovers the comedy in romance, the tragedy of letting go and the hard truth about growing up.

Fans of "The Blacklist" got a glimpse at new corners of the covert thriller's expanded world last season, when Ryan Eggold's Tom Keen (or whatever his name actually might be) encountered private mercenary contractor Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen), a formidable, shadowy force in her own right and the woman who may or may not be Tom's birth mother.

I've got high hopes for it, and I know ["Blacklist" creator] Jon [Bokenkamp] does as well. We want to do a show about Robert Redford in "Three Days of the Condor," the '70s flick.One of the things I will miss most, hands down, is working with Megan [Boone], because the relationship with Tom and Liz is so complicated, and so romantic on some levels, and kind of funny, and sort of tragic in other ways, and I just really enjoy it, and I enjoy working with her, and I enjoy finding new things to bring to that relationship. Even though it's in this heightened dramatic world, I like looking for the things that we can all relate to in our personal romantic relationships because they're all fundamentally the same, those problems and things.It's just on a heightened more dramatic more elevated scale. And, obviously, I'm not going to be joining the UFC tomorrow, but I would love to -- and I've learned a great deal doing "The Blacklist" and just rehearsing fight scenes and doing them, but I still consider myself a novice in the world of fight choreography and things. It's so physical and more athletic and it's really fun. How did they approach you, and what was your immediate reaction to it? It's like, it's Hollywood, everybody wants to do a million things, and there's a lot of talk, and I was like "It'll never happen." And then a few months later they were like, "Let's do it," and I was like, "Wow! I mean, it was really cool to be near the reality of it, and to speak with actually him or someone like that would be amazing.What will you miss most about being part of the main "Blacklist" series on a regular basis?

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