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The best way to correspond with classmates is through a reunion website that acts as a communications center where you can disseminate important reunion details, collect information, sell tickets, create a buzz, and so much more.

In the past, creating a website required someone with the technical knowledge and skills of an experienced computer programmer.

We will go into each of these steps in depth later in the book.

STEP 1: Recruit Committee Members The first step in planning your reunion involves evaluating if there is enough interest in having a reunion.

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One of the chapters in this book will be devoted to getting the most out of your website, and throughout the book we will throw in tips on how your website can help with your reunion planning. With the increasing popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, there’s a whole new way of getting the word out.

You will benefit from the information in this book whether you are only considering having a reunion or if your planning is already well under way.

In either case, you will find great tips and ideas to make your reunion a success.

This is not absolutely necessary, but if you are planning a reunion entirely alone you will need a lot of free time.

Make a few phone calls to former classmates to recruit potential committee members.

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