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The bankruptcy continues to slog through the courts, even though it became evident that Detroit's financial “emergency” was as blatant a fabrication as the WMDs -- the weapons of mass “distraction” contrived as the rationale for the privatized invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Detroiters are witnessing the same "shock" strategy used internationally by right-wing ideologues who employ corrupt political, military and police power to advance the so-called free market reform.

The next few months will determine how successful they will be.

On July 4 the activist community of Detroit put out this call to action: “We call on activists everywhere to come to Detroit on Friday, July 18th, for a rally and march to fight the dictatorship of emergency manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by millionaire Republican Governor Rick Snyder, and backed by Wall Street bankers and the 1 percent.

While in court, attorneys for Snyder asked for a courtesy five-minute delay, during which Orr’s attorneys surreptitiously filed the bankruptcy petition, preempting the injunction.

On July 18 thousands of activists and dozens of organizations will converge on downtown Detroit to protest the privatization of the city’s assets and the disconnection of water to tens of thousands of low-income residents.

The UN has called the shutoff a human rights violation.

This long-term agenda of the Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics is actually a formula for aggressive public asset seizure.

In her seminal book, , Naomi Klein explains how historically a "softening up" process of collective shocks have been employed by the Chicago School internationally to stun the populace, paralyze their democratic process, and force austerity and mass-privatization down their throats through Structural Adjustment Programs (SAP)--see Detroit's Emergency "Plan of Adjustment"--that literally sap the lifeblood and wealth of nations.

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