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Beautiful gardens and chocolate, it doesn’t really get much better. Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire Spanning over 3000 acres, it is easy to see why the Malvern Hills have been described as a miniature mountain range.

And it is rumored that Tolkien found inspiration in the landscape of the hills, and in 1952 he is even recorded reading excerpts from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings here. Wye River Valley, Herefordshire Home to the fifth longest river in the UK it’s easy to see why The Wye Valley has been classed as an area of outstanding beauty. Just try not get distracted by all of the beauty around you.

Moreover, at another recent social outing I spent 20 minutes chatting to a man who impressed me about as much as anyone I've ever met, yet without saying anything about his day job. It was only from his proud mother that I knew him to be a member of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, a crack counter-terrorism unit also based near Hereford, though that's pretty much the extent of what even his mum knew.

And even that sparse information she probably shouldn't have shared.

I've been told that prospective SAS and SRR soldiers are tied up in large bags and dumped somewhere remote in the British countryside, their objective being to free themselves and make it back to Hereford without assistance from any other human-beings, whereupon they are promptly tied up and dumped again, obviously after a good night's sleep deprivation.

I seem to recall that this practice is known as bagging, although when I Googled 'SAS and bagging' what I mostly got what was information about the baggage policy of the Scandinavian Airlines System.

Preece, pictured, was found guilty by a jury at Hereford Crown Court of four counts of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 14 between 19 and 19; and four counts of rape of a female under 16.

All of which is gloriously reminiscent of a sitcom little-remembered these days, but of which I was very fond 35 years ago, called The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs and starring the young David Jason as an inept spy.Watch out for weddings, as it’s a popular location to get married, and we can totally understand why. Clent Hills, Worcestershire The birthplace of William Shakespeare has no shortage of beautiful spaces and Church of the Holy Trinity known as Shakespeare’s Church sits on the banks of the River Avon.Not only can you walk the beautiful grounds or look over the river, but you can also visit the burial place of Shakespeare and his wife. Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Part of the National Trust this manor has a fantastic collection of art, but importantly there is an Easter egg hunt every year in its gardens.Other charges included two counts of assault of a girl by penetration and causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity.Detective Constable Maz Woods of West Mercia Police led the investigation, she said: "Preece thought he had escaped justice for his crimes and has shown no remorse, his victims have continued to suffer with the memory of what he inflicted on them.

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