Single parent dating cooper landing alaska

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She takes the boys to get her TV from Kurt, but he steals their pants and they return home without them.Penny apologizes for putting them through it and later she and the four guys go out for dinner (Pilot).He goes on to date Stephanie and Leslie, but both those relationships don't last very long (Stephanie and Leonard broke up after only three episodes, while Leslie dumps him and then starts a friends-with-benefits relationship with Howard).Leonard finds out near the end of the season that Penny has feelings for him.While in bed one night after sex, Leonard admits to Penny for the first time that he loves her.Penny is troubled by the potential serious turn in the relationship because she has commitment issues and can not respond in kind, and she breaks up with Leonard. Leonard begins a relationship with Raj's sister Priya. She admits that Leonard is a great guy and she should have never broken up with him.

After he leaves, she tells herself, "I wish you weren't going." Leonard and Penny start dating, though at first they have some trouble trying to be more than friends but they eventually start a stable relationship.Penny (wife) Joyce Kim (ex-girlfriend) Missy Cooper (former crush) Leslie Winkle (ex-girlfriend) Stephanie Barnett (ex-girlfriend) Elizabeth Plimpton (one night stand) Alice (fling/one kiss) Priya Koothrappali (ex-girlfriend) Alex Jensen (admirer) Mandy Chow (accidental kiss)Alfred Hofstadter (father)Beverly Hofstadter (mother)Unnamed sister Michael Hofstadter (brother)Unnamed grandmother Unnamed grandfather Edna (aunt)Unnamed uncles Floyd (uncle; deceased)Nancy (aunt, deceased)Unnamed aunt Unnamed cousins Unnamed brother-in-law (via his sister)Unnamed sister-in-law (via Michael)Penny Hofstadter (wife) Wyatt (father-in-law) Susan (mother-in-law) Randall (brother-in-law) Unnamed sister-in-law (via Penny) Unnamed brother-in-law (via Penny's sister) Unnamed nephew (via Penny) Unnamed uncle-in-law Unnamed cousin-in-law Unnamed paternal grandfather-in-law Unnamed paternal grandmother-in-law Unnamed maternal grandmother-in-law Unnamed maternal grandfather-in-law, Ph.D., is an experimental physicist at the California Institute of Technology who formerly roomed with Sheldon Cooper in Apartment 4A and now he and his wife Penny live in that apartment and they also formerly lived in Penny's apartment Apartment 4B which is now inhabited by Sheldon and his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.Penny almost breaks up with Leonard because, to her, the relationship seemed boring.However, she visits him at work and is re-impressed with how smart he is and their relationship seems to take off from there.

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