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To be displayed as a static exhibit For Cygnet website click here 58ft steam cabin launch built in 1894 by The Kingdon Yacht, Launch & Engineering Co.

Donated by a collector for display in a suitable museum as a static exhibit Morris Vedette four cylinder side valve petrol engine probably built in the late 1930's. Removed from a Thames Slipper launch, and is representative of the type fitted to these boats. Small Stuart Turner gas fired steam boiler used by Stuart Turner themselves for testing their model engines at their works in Henley Rescued from a skip in 2008 and donated to the trust for future display in a museum.Donated to the National Maritime Museum and currently on display far from the Thames at the Maritime Museum Cornwall (Falmouth) A potential static exhibit For details of Merk shown on the Maritime Museum Cornwall website database click here A 35ft Thames steam day launch built in 1900 for Marie Tempest, a famous actress who was playing at Daly's Theatre London in the international hit musical San Toy. Originally steam then converted to petrol paraffin engine in 1911, restored as a steamer 1971.Privately owned, photo taken 1927 To be displayed as a working exhibit afloat in the wetdock For SBA website boat register click here then search for "San Toy" Hull sections of a 30ft Saunders stitched motorboat hull early 1900's.This is a copy of a Sisson type triple expansion steam engine and is similar to those that were used in the Salters Steamers and many other boats around the country, including a few steamer launches on Windermere. An example of a 2nd class torpedo boat engine built at Thornycroft's Chiswick boatyard, in 1884, yard no 193.This engine was fitted to a 63ft TB named HMQS Mosquito which was supplied to the Queensland Maritime Defence Force when Australia was still a British colony, The engine capable of 600 rpm is a condensing compound which has cylinders of 8¼" 13½" by 8" stroke, fitted with a direct driven condensate pump and geared twin service pumps (missing).

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