Updating maven dependencies eclipse

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Also I've added some lines to "-clean etc." but still it doesn't work.Certainly I have installed Maven plugin from Marketplace, same with spring ones etc.With m2eclipse, you no longer need to hunt through the central Maven repository for an artifact version.If the central Maven repository contains a source artifact for a particular project, you can download the source from the repository and expose it to the Eclipse environment. Now, have a look at consumer Banking project properties.

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Hi guys, I wanna introduce you my problem with downloading Maven's dependencies to Eclipse Neon 3.

This has the effect of altering the way that Maven locates dependency artifacts.

If a project is configured to resolve dependencies from the workspace, these artifacts do not need to be present in your local repository.

I made a research through the whole Internet I guess and still haven't found solution.

Ticking enable/disable in Maven settings or deleting .m2 repository or .metainfo from workspace doesn't work either.

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