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Review the Security bulletin CVE-2014-3090 for more information.

It also contains fixes for client-reported and internally found defects.

If you to plan to use Web Sphere Application Server v8.0 with IBM Rational Clear Case, IBM Rational Clear Quest or IBM Rational Requisite Pro, read technote 1569987 before installing the products.

If you plan to use Installation Manager on Solaris, Linux, or AIX in GUI mode, refer to technote 1330190 for more information.

VRMF is IBM's product release identification format, which identifies the version, release, modification level, and fixpack level of a software offering. Before installing or upgrading IBM Rational Clear Case, review the following information about this release.

Release notes for version and later are incorporated into the corresponding download documents. To download this release and read information about defects that are fixed in this release, refer to the download page.

Custom configuration may be required for integrated environments, for example, with Rational Team Concert with CCRC or with CMAPI applications not using IBM JRE. For the Rational Clear Team Explorer and Clear Team Explorer Extension offerings, use the and ccrc_download packages below.

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For information about the correspondences between feature levels and Clear Case versions, refer to technote 1119269: About feature levels and Clear Case.

If you have previously modified the Clear Case default extended naming symbol (@@) on any Windows 64-bit system, review technote 1618052.

After upgrading to this release, you will need to reconfigure the symbol's value.

Specifically, refer to the section labeled "Avoiding Problems".

Before you upgrade to this release from Clear Case Multi Site 8.0.0.x (including 8.0) on servers that have feature level 6 VOB families, refer to technote 1609810 for important information.

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