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the Burgundian territories in the Low Countries which, by another twist of dynastic fate, passed to the Habsburg family as a result of the marriage in 1477 of Marie, daughter and heiress of the last Valois duke of Burgundy, to Archduke Maximilian.

The families of some noble seigneurs in the county of Hainaut are set out in chapters 7 to 17 of the present document.

However, it must be emphasised that a completely satisfactory verification of all the relationships has not been possible from the available sources.

[IV] and his descendants are more frequently described in contemporary records as counts of Mons than counts of Hainaut, reflecting the importance assumed by the castle as the family's main power base.

The march of Valenciennes lay within the county of Hainaut, which resulted in dual appointment of counts within the same county.

The two counties were ruled by counts from the Bavarian Wittelsbach family until 1433 (see Chapter 5).Whatever the precise family background of Count Herman, his widow Richilde transmitted the county of Hainaut to her second husband the future Baudouin VI Count of Flanders as a result of their marriage in the early 1050s (see Chapter 3).There may, in the mid-11th century, have been some lingering juridical doubt about imperial jurisdiction over the county of Hainaut, because in 1071 Emperor Heinrich IV arranged a complex series of surrenders and re-grants, confirmed by agreement at Lige, with the aim of confirming the status of both the counties of Hainaut and Valenciennes as imperial fiefs.Count Reginar [V] was succeeded as count of Mons by Count Herman, about whom little is known.The precise relationship between Count Herman and Count Reginar [V], fully discussed below, provides one of the most intriguing puzzles in the history of the Reginar family.

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