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Mac OSX - Find the Universal Control icon in the dock.Right click (Control click) on the icon and “Force Quit” the application.- Make sure you are using an approved chipset firewire card from our current list of compatible hardware (Windows): Approved Firewire Cards - In the System Menu of the Studio Live Mixer, make sure your “Firewire Link ID” is set to “0.” This will verify that the mixer is the only thing connecting to the computer and the firmware is not looking for two devices simultaneously.

Il controllo di sicurezza è pensato per proteggerti da accessi sospetti (come quelli effettuati da computer o Paesi sconosciuti).When firmware updates for your device are available, they are initiated by the newest version of Universal Control.Because of this, also every single version of Universal Control has collectively a different Firmware and Build version.Drop them into the “Device Memory” section and press “Send” on the bottom of the browser window.--- There might be a time where you need to reset the mixer back to its original state because you have either changed and saved presets in the mixer or settings or scenes are missing or need to be reset.

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